Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Perdu Records, release date 4/20
WTCHS/ToA split 7"


(origionally of "psongs" cs-CV25/side a/2007/cloudvalley)

edition of 300 on white vinyl

Sunday, May 20, 2012

GGHGF LP on NoShade Records

you can order this from the bandcamp mentioned above, thanks for your support in advance, the album is also 100% streamable/full preview

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Maggot Valley Mind Music

Been a while folks

MV has been sitting on a few masters that we're more than happy to finally have available to you after a 2 year absence.

AFTERLIFE - "Transmissions" c22

With their recordings: Franklin Teagle and Ryan McGill, as always, become mediums of the stars, channelled by forces beyond our grasp of reality and regularly practice the true meaning of meditation through their impromtu gatherings, the result...some of the most beautifully intense hypnotic melodies comprehensible, to these eyes.....i personally view their process as not necessarily controlled, moreso: released-alike the instinctual breathing process of animals-OR-the natural process of love and compassion, together these 2 gentlemen are a force fueled and navigated by emotion and transcendental instinct . the natural and supernatural working as one prayer. FT/RM and maggot valley are happy to share this release that was recorded early 2010....since then, like any other artist or collaborations; the process and fundamentals change over time, like everything...being a fan myself, i have a collection of their cassettes, which i love to change up
here is something that has been hidden away from us for a few years and made available to you now, that you can throw into the rotation where it belongs (also BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR AN LP courtesy of HOOKER VISION)
art by the one and only maggot Jeremiah, home-dub edition

HERE: is an AMAZING video brought to you by moduli TV, afterlifes first track on "transmissions"

XIPHIIDAE "material in mind" c42
its hard to sum up the actions and experimentations of a brilliant mind. Jeffry Astin in general is a pioneer of his creations and has created several new genres/styles of music all of his own hands, and counting
all of us who collect his recordings know this, if you are new to his music, and you love the music that is out on other labels similar to this one, i recommend you find as much as you can for the experience in general...dabble into the man, he will show you new faces of music
the beauty of xiphiidae is that you never know what you're getting yourself into. a weaving tapestry of layered collauge of sounds from so many sources, it could be composed and conducted with instruments, or it could be all random/found/selected/lost and found ressurected, or the hidden brought into our light....all sprouted from the rich magnetic soil that is the mind of Housecraft Jeff. for his fans: the man IS a state of mind, and his past and present will continue in our personal history books in music ALWAYS. have a listen to the sample of "frangrence in color" and let yourself get swept into getting this tape. creep art menace by maggot jeremiah, the 1 and only. this is a produb edition


...hunting rituals self release is oop